Andrew Le Sueur

Law academic & barrister, London, Essex, Jersey


Since 1988, I have taught across private and public law, latterly focusing on constitutional and administrative law. At Essex Law School, I currently contribute to core teaching in Foundations of Public Law and Public Law II.

Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (3rd edn, May 2016)

9780198735380_3eAndrew Le Sueur, Maurice Sunkin, and Jo Murkens

Published: 19 May 2016

936 Pages


ISBN: 9780198735380 | Oxford University Press

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From a review of the first edition: “In summary, with their new book Le Sueur, Sunkin and Murkens have successfully managed to accommodate the interests of lecturers and good students alike. The latter will have a highly accessible, readable and engaging account of Public Law served up in a student-friendly way, as well as a veritable mini-library of cases and materials etc. However, lecturers need rest assured that the book provides a really excellent account of the subject, notable for its breadth and depth of analysis, with the issues and controversies presented and discussed in a way that will challenge and stretch their best undergraduates.” (Ed Bates, Review in [2012] Public Law 169)