Andrew Le Sueur

Law academic & barrister, London, Essex, Jersey


At the Bar, as a ‘door tenant’ at Brick Court Chambers, Andrew accepts occasional instructions to advise on constitutional and administrative law and human rights issues, especially in relation to proposed and draft legislation. He has also provided consultancy advice relating to legal education and training.

During 2016, he carried out consultancy work for a government outside the United Kingdom concerned about the impact of Brexit.

He has extensive experience as a legal and specialist adviser to parliamentary committees.

2011-12 specialist adviser to House of Lords Constitution Committee, Judicial Appointments, 25th Report of 2010-12 (HL Paper 272).

2010 specialist adviser to House of Commons Justice Committee, Crown Dependencies, 8th Report of 2009-10 (HC 56)

2006-2009 the sole legal advisor (and occasionally specialist adviser) to the House of Lords Constitution Committee, dealing with of the following reports

  1. Government of Wales Bill, 12th Report of 2005-06 (HL Paper 142)
  2. Police and Justice Bill, 8th Report of 2005-06 (HL Paper 195)
  3. Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill, 11th Report of 2005-06 (HL Paper 194)
  4. Armed Forces Bill, 13th Report of 2005-06 (HL Paper 200)
  5. Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Bill, 1st Report of 2006-07 (HL Paper 13)
  6. Serious Crime Bill, 2nd Report of 2006-07 (HL Paper 41)
  7. Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Bill, 4th Report of 2006-07 (HL Paper 54)
  8. Freedom of Information (Amendment) Bill, 5th Report of 2006-07 (HL Paper 127)
  9. Relations between the executive, the judiciary and Parliament, 6th Report of 2006-07 (HL Paper 151)
  10. Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill, 1st Report of 2007-08, (HL Paper 16)
  11. Scrutiny of Welsh Legislative Competence Orders, 2nd Report of 2007-08 (HL Paper 17)
  12. Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill, 3rd Report fo 2007-08 (HL Paper 27)
  13. European Union (Amendment) Bill and the Lisbon Treaty: implications for the UK constitution, 6th Report of 2007-09 (HL Paper 84)
  14. Reform of the Office of Attorney General, 7th Report of 2007-08 (HL Paper 93)
  15. Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Bill, 9th Report of 2007-08 (HL Paper 147)
  16. Counter-Terrorism Bill: the Role of Ministers, Parliament and the Judiciary, 10th Report of 2007-08 (HL Paper 167)
  17. Relations between the executive, judiciary and Parliament: Follow-up Report, 11th Report of 2007-08 (HL Paper 177)
  18. Marine and Coastal Access bill, 1st Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 13)
  19. Banking Bill, 2nd Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 19)
  20. Part 1 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill, 5th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 41)
  21. Northern Ireland Bill, 6th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 50)
  22. Part 3 of the Borders, Citizenship and Immigration Bill, 7th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 54)
  23. Welfare Reform Bill, 9th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 79)
  24. Coroners and Justice Bill, 10th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 96)
  25. Banking Act 2009: Supplementary Report on Retrospective Legislation, 11th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 97)
  26. Law Commission Bill, 12th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 103)
  27. The National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Social Welfare) Order 2009 (relating to Carers), 13th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 105)
  28. Policing and Crime Bill, 16th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 128)
  29. Parliamentary Standards Bill, 17th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 130)
  30. Fast-track Legislation: Constitutional Implications and Safeguards, 15th Report of 2008-09 (HL Paper 116)

2004 Specialist adviser: House of Lords Select Committee on the Constitutional Reform Bill, Report, Session 2003-04 (HL Paper 125-1).

2004 Specialist adviser: House of Commons Constitutional Affairs Committee, Judicial appointments and a Supreme Court (court of final appeal), 1st Report of Session 2003-04 (HC 48-1)

In Jersey:

2007 States of Jersey Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel, The Role of the Centenier in the Magistrate’s Court. Andrew’s appointment ended after the resignation of the chair of the panel and the circumstances of his appointment and role were debated in the Assembly.